Class Schedule




Each class is coach led and 6o minutes long. We start with mobility, followed by a movement specific warm-up, which goes into our strength or skill section. Afterwards we go into the WOD (workout of the day) and finish with a cool-down of stretching or optional accessory work.


Sweat Class – HYROX

Mon-Fri 12:00-1:00PM


Olympic Lifting

Build and perfect your Olympic Lifts (Snatch + Clean & Jerk)


Open Gym

For those that want to come in and do an additional track, a 2nd workout, or something different and at their own pace.



A great beginning option for those just starting their CrossFit journey. A one-on-one class that focuses on the 9-foundational movements of CrossFit, the terminology and more to help you be successful in you first CrossFit class.


Individual Programming

For those that have specific goals (running a marathon, training for a competition, sport specific, strength focus, etc.) Personalized programming for your needs.

No contracts or hidden fees.

Membership Prices

  • Unlimited CrossFit Classes
  • Unlimited Competitors Track access
  • Unlimited Open Gym access
  • Unlimited Sweat Class (HYROX)
  • Unlimited Olympic Lifting
  • Unlimited Primal Challenge participation and information
5-Day Punch Card
$70/ every 30 days
  • Access to any of our tracks:
  • CrossFit
  • Open Gym
  • Sweat Class (HYROX)
  • Olympic Lifting
  • 30 days to use the 5 punches. Punches are on auto-renew with no roll-over for un-used punches.
  • Access to any of our tracks:
  • CrossFit
  • Open Gym
  • Sweat Class (HYROX)
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Great if you are in town for a day and are looking for a good workout.
3x A Week
  • For CrossFit classes only
2x A Week
  • For CrossFit classes only
Perfect to pair with your punch card or if you are looking for just a specific class track

Additional Memberships

Olympic Lifting
  • Olympic Lifting class on Saturday's at 7:30AM
Sweat Class (HYROX)
  • Sweat Classes on Tues/Thurs
Open Gym
  • Used during Open Gym hours only
  • *non trainer led classes