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Samantha Shockley

Certification: L2

I started CrossFit in 2011, received my L1 in 2012 and have been coaching and learning ever since. I played sports my whole life: Cross-country, track and field, and swim team. Lifting weights and challenging my physical ability have always been a top priority for me. Out of college I was missing that team comradery that you can’t find in a global gym. That’s when I immediately fell in love with not only the physical challenges that CrossFit can bring but the community it builds as well. From 2012-2015 my first CrossFit trainer job was with the founding owners of CrossFit Georgetown. Fast-forward to 2018, when we reconnected and a deal transpired, making myself the owner. It’s a wonderful full-circle story. My main goals for CrossFit Georgetown are to hold true to Greg Glassman’s (founder of CrossFit) by continue helping people find the best versions of themselves, and to continue to create a community where all feel welcome regardless of their ability. We all start somewhere, and we can start here together!


Katie Bradshaw

Certification: L2

My fitness journey began when I first discovered my love and passion for Olympic Weight lifting. I had always been a fan of staying fit, but upon discovery of Oly, my eyes had been ‘opened’-so to speak. After my first few weeks of Olympic lifting, I went a little out of my comfort zone, and challenged myself by signing up and competing in a meet…and I took first in my weight class. From there I was hooked. I joined a team at a nearby box and competed in many more meets. After relocating to Texas, I had a hard time finding a place and community where I felt at home. Once I found CFG, I knew I found the place; then all I needed was a team. ‘Oly’ lifting is a very esoteric community and requires a lot of skill and dedication. I decided to get my USAW Coach level 1, in hopes of creating a community of lifters that shares the same passion for the sport as I do. One of my goals is to create a team of dedicated lifters to coach and participate in meets. Athlete safety is an absolute paramount in my programming, so I stress and emphasize proper mobility in lifts and movements and incorporate a lot of mobility work before and after workouts.


Ian Atchison

Certification: L2

Ian Atchison, hometown – Abilene, TX – I grew up playing baseball and golf through high school and continued to work out and play sports for fun through college. I started CrossFit in 2019 and received my L1 in 2022. I also have my weightlifting L1 through CrossFit. CrossFit has given me an opportunity to coach and be part of a great community, as well as continuing to challenge me and satisfy my competitive nature on a daily basis.


Brooke Nguyen

Certification: L1

My passion for fitness began in high school attending group exercise classes with my mom. After obtaining my BFA in dance, teaching Zumba seemed like a natural fit. Then, I got to experience having a personal trainer while dancing for the Austin Toros and I knew that I wanted to be the one coaching and helping people reach their goals one day. I started CrossFit in 2020 and was immediately drawn in by the constant striving to get stronger, faster, and better at the various skills. Everyone’s goals are different, but I love that I get to be a part of helping others strive to be better.


John Klingseisen

Certification: L1

John has been integrating CrossFit into his lifestyle since 2013. Growing up he was a multi-sport athlete & enjoyed outdoor adventures. As a young professional he taught & coached high school athletes for several years before transitioning away from public education. As an athlete, enjoys the community aspect of CrossFit and working hard alongside others with the opportunities to compete – both with those in the gym & against himself. A teacher at heart, he wanted to get his CF-L1 to use his coaching experience to serve athletes through encouragement & instruction. When he’s not in the gym he enjoys running with his goldendoodle, playing a game of wiffleball with the kids, telling dad jokes to which his wife rolls her eyes, & improving his archery skills.


Patrick Nguyen

Certification: L1

Meet Coach Patrick Nguyen, your guide to a stronger, fitter you. In 2019, I left my skepticism behind and embraced CrossFit, resulting in a remarkable personal transformation. My journey inspired me to become a coach, driven by a deep passion for helping others become their best selves and unlocking their potential. Join me in class where you can expect an approachable and caring coach and let’s achieve your fitness goals together.


Maria Ruwaldt

Certification: PRIMAL

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