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Whether your fitness goals are improved health, acquiring a competitive edge in your sport, or simply to look and feel better, CrossFit Georgetown will get you there. The key to our clients’ success are the constantly varied workouts which use full-body functional movements performed at high intensity. Although these workouts may seem intimidating at first glance they are appropriate and scalable for any age and fitness level. At CrossFit Georgetown there are no mirrors or fancy machines. What we do provide is personal training in a private, semi-private or group setting, using a variety of movements including body weight exercises, weightlifting, kettlebells, calisthenics and walking/running. Each day a different workout is provided and led by a CrossFit Certified Instructor who will scale the workout of the day (WOD) to your appropriate fitness level and coach you throughout the entire workout in both form and function.

~ Move your body, not a machine! ~

CrossFit Georgetown provides a solution to the most common reasons people drop out of their fitness programs:
Lack of Time: Our workouts usually are extremely efficient and provide a very high return on the time you invest. Each session is designed and run by an instructor so there is no waiting to use a machine or piece of equipment or wondering what exercise to do next or how to do it.

Lack of Interest: Each workout is different. Not only does this provide for increased results by keeping your body from adapting to the same workout done over and over again, but it keeps your workouts from becoming boring. CrossFit workouts are fun, fast and effective.

Lack of Results: Our workouts are designed to give results fast and keep giving you results. Our trainers track your progress and help you to constantly improve and to achieve specific benchmarks. If you put the effort in, results are guaranteed to follow.