CrossFit Foundations in Georgetown, Texas. A great beginning option for those just starting their CrossFit journey. A one-on-one class that focuses on the 9-foundational movements of CrossFit, the terminology and more to help you be successful in you first CrossFit class.

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Why invest in Elements?

One on One Focus

The Elements class is a one-on-one session, and we go over the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit along with some odd movers that you will see often.

Join Our Community

Once that section is complete, we then go into a workout tailored to what you just learned OR encourage you to join the Community WOD at 9AM.

Get Comfortable

Elements class is not mandatory to begin with us, it's just an avenue that can be taken to help you become comfortable with the movements and the verbiage prior to joining a class.

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Chat with a coach at our gym to learn more about what program will fit your lifestyle and your goals.