Semi-personal training for a fraction of the cost. Each class is an hour long and you can expect personalized attention and coaching throughout the class. Every class consist of a coach-led foam rolling session, activation to fire small muscle groups, warm-up, a strength/skill portion dedicated to helping you move better and get stronger, and then a WOD (work out of the day).

5 Day Punch Card

  • 5 Group Class Sessions

Drop In

  • Single Group Class Drop In

Unlimited Membership: This membership is all inclusive, it gives you access to all our programs, including but not limited to: CrossFit, Competitors WODs, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Open Gym, and any other programs we create and add to our schedule.

5-Day Punch Card: This 5-Day Punch Card gives you access to just our CrossFit schedule Monday – Friday. A great way to ease your way into the Unlimited Membership, or great for those that are visiting town for a few days.

Drop-In: Stopping by town to visit family/friends? Join us! Our drop-in membership is non-refundable and is on a use or lose basis within 5 days from the date of purchase.

Open Gym: A great opportunity to either make up a workout you missed during the week or come in and do something extra. If you don’t want to commit to a membership just yet, but would like to utilize the space and equipment, this membership is great for just that. Our Open Gym times are limited.

Olympic Lifting: Our Olympic Lifting class meets every Saturday. We focus on Clean & Jerk and Snatch lifts; every week we alternate which one we focus on. Class is an hour and half long. Great for beginners & advanced athletes alike.

*Elements: Brand new to CrossFit? Have you been out of it for a few years and need a refresher? This one-time class is for you! Offered Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. It’s here that you will learn the foundational movements of CrossFit to help you succeed in class. *Not required to jump into our weekly scheduled classes.