Here at CrossFit Georgetown, we strive to be a family place where everyone can thrive. As we have grown as a gym, we have also added a Kids’ Space to accommodate those that have little ones. It’s important to us that the kids and members are safe during our classes. It’s also important that we establish these guidelines in order to maintain a safe environment, as well as preserve the integrity of the group class experience for all members. If you choose to bring your children with you to the class, we need you to enforce the following guidelines with your children:

  1. Parents must fill out waiver prior to their children entering the gated area & sign children in and out of the Kids’ Space at the front desk.
  2. Children are not allowed out on the floor during classes. Children must stay in the designated area. Which can be locked during class hours if need be.
  3. Please help us keep the Kids’ Space tidy. If you bring food or any other activity for your children, be sure to pick up after them before you leave.
  4. Coaches MAIN focus is the class that is being taught and the safety of the members; therefore if your child has become a distraction for the class (ie. screaming, unconsolable by parent, etc.), a coach has the right to ask you to leave if it continues or it becomes a safety risk or a distraction to either the other children in the space or the members.
  5. Please do not bring your child in if they are sick (running nose, fever, cough, pink eye, foot-mouth-hand disease, or any other ailment.) OR have had a fever in the past 24hrs.
  6. Please do your best to make sure your children are respecting the space that is provided.
  7. No children under 6 weeks old allowed in the space.
  8. Child’s guardian must remain on the premises at all times.
  9. Our Kids Space is unsupervised, therefore it’s the parents responsibility to act accordingly to their children(s) needs or behavior, not the Coaches or other members
  10. Only children of current members are allowed in the Kids’ Space.

We look forward to having our families in the gym! With the help of our staff and all of you we can successfully create an environment that is fun and enjoyable for both kids and members. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!