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Foam Roll: Glutes, Lowerback, Hamstrings, Banded Hip flexor stretches (green band)



Mini Band straight leg walk 10 forward 10 backward



200m row

10 BB Goodmornings

10 Leg Swings front to back

A1: Sumo Deadlift

4×5 increasing weight each round

Tempo: 31X3

A2: Single Leg Crossbody DL

With a KB or DB held in one hand, reach in the DL position to the oposit foot. Touch the ground with weight, then push through the heel to come back up.
6×3 on each leg

Temp: 31X3

Metcon (Time)

Partner OR Single

For Time

Obj: Pace
500m Row

10 DL @ 85% 3RM

500m Row

15 GHRs

500m Row

20 AKBS (70/53)

500m Row