Feb 22 – Oly Class & Ropes Course

CrossFit Georgetown – CrossFit

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Foam Roll: Pecs, Thoracic Spine, Hamstrings


1×10 3 – way banded pull aparts (orange band)

Forehead level

Chest Level

Lower Chest Level


Rowing warm up – help engage and use power 5 minutes of:

At a 10 on the damper:

5 leg pulls only

10 legs + body pulls

15 full body

-repeat till 5 minutes is up- Keeping the stroke rate on all 3 movements at a 16 or lower

A1: Incline Bench Press

6×5 increase weight each round

B1: Incline Hammer Curl

laying on an incline bench – feet flat on the ground. With DB facing horizontal to the ground, bring the DB up toward the shoulder thumb pointing upward the whole time
3×8 keep a steady do-able weight

C1: DB Fly

3×8 keeping a steady do-able weight

C2: Dirty Seven Curls

With a Barbell

7 Bicep curls from bottom to half way up

7 Bicep curls from top to half way down

7 Bicep curls full range of motion
3×7 slight increases each round