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Feb 15 – War Games comp in Belton
Feb 8 – Oly Class
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Foam Roll: Thoracic Spine, Pecs, Triceps (ball on box)

Activation: 1×20 Banded Pull aparts (red/blue band)



10 Banded Tricep Extensions (red/blue band)

7 Push ups

6 Cal AB

A1: Dips


Tempo: 31X1

Any variation: ring, assisted, dip horn, box, bench

A2: Incline DB Fly

4×6 keeping a steady do-able weight

Tempo: 11X3

B1: Floor Press

4×6 Increase weight each round

Tempo: 3131

B2: Tricep Kick Back

4×6 on each side

Tempo: 31X3

Keep back flat

Keep elbow by your side

Only hinge to 90 explode up from elbow


Focusing on lower body and thoracic spine