– CrossFit Coaches Prep Course (CF-L2 Trainer)
– CrossFit L1 Trainer
– USA Weightlifting L1 Trainer
– CPR, First Aid and AED

My fitness journey began when I first discovered my love and passion for Olympic Weight lifting.  I had always been a fan of staying fit, but upon discovery of Oly, my eyes had been ‘opened’-so to speak.  After my first few weeks of Olympic lifting, I went a little out of my comfort zone, and challenged myself by signing up and competing in a meet…and I took first in my weight class. From there I was hooked.  I joined a team at a nearby box and competed in many more meets. After relocating to Texas, I had a hard time finding a place and community where I felt at home. Once I found CFG, I knew I found the place; then all I needed was a team. ‘Oly’ lifting is a very esoteric community and requires a lot of skill and dedication. I decided to get my USAW Coach level 1, in hopes of creating a community of lifters that shares the same passion for the sport as I do. One of my goals is to create a team of dedicated lifters to coach and participate in meets.  Athlete safety is an absolute paramount in my programming, so I stress and emphasize proper mobility in lifts and movements and incorporate a lot of mobility work before and after workouts.