– CrossFit L1 Trainer
– CPR, First Aid and AED

My Coaching journey began in 2013. I enjoyed fitness and felt I had a knack for CrossFit in general. A CL1 class was being held nearby, and I decided to sign up and take the course.  It wasn’t until 2015, when I found CFG, that I decided to put my certification to use. Once I began working out at CFG, I fell in love with the gym. The comradery within our community, and an extra push from the owner, inspired me to get involved a bit more seriously.  Since coaching at CFG my passion for coaching others and sharing my experiences in fitness has grown steadily. I love seeing someone brand-new to CrossFit step in the door, committing, persevering and overcoming adversary, and completely changing their life. The energy and tempo in our gym brings a smile to my face every day.