CrossFit Georgetown – CrossFit

Nov 28-30 9AM Class ONLY
December 7 – Christmas Party 5-10PM

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Foam Rollers: Quads, IT Band, Glutes, Lower back, Thoracic Spine

Lacrosse Balls: Scaps, Lats, Upper Glutes, Calfs


Follow the Leader – break off into 2-3 groups


9/6 Cal AB

Crab Walk down and back with ball

Bear Crawl with ball

10 Wall balls

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

30min AMRAP

(Obj. – steady pace)

Partner A does 100m sled drag while Partner B does AMRAP of 20 WB/ 200m Row till Partner A returns – then switch.
Partner A:

100m Sled Drag (walking backward) (205/125)

Partner B:

20 Wall balls

200m Row