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Saturday – POST Open WOD/Community WOD – Pot Luck + Drink Celebration!
Nov 18 – FINAL Day to bring in jackets/canned goods for The Caring Place
Dec 7 – Annual Christmas Party
Dec 11- FINAL day to to ship a gift to a soldier

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Foam Roll: Pecs, Throacic Spine, PVC pipe shoulder stretch

Activation: 1×10 Banded Pull Aparts



10 Pass Throughs

10 Push ups

6 Chin ups

A1: Bicep Curls

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Increse weight each round

A2: Bench Press

5×5 Increse weight each round

B1: Dirty Seven Curls

With a Barbell

7 Bicep curls from bottom to half way up

7 Bicep curls from top to half way down

7 Bicep curls full range of motion

B2: DB Fly

3×7 Incline DB Fly

Increase weight each round

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

:30on/:30 off


(Obj. Same reps)
Man Makers (35/25)