“The coaches and the people are what make a box a box and this one feels like home. 

Everyone meet Nicole! You will always see Nicole walk into the gym with a big smile on her face, and when she leaves it’s still there. Her energy is infectious and her drive to continue to better herself is a goal we all strive for. She is a dedicated member with a postitive attitude. She’s also made huge physical strides since she’s started with us. Her eagerness to continue to get better is contagious, and her support for our outside gym events is constant. Read below to see her journey:
  I originally started out with Crossfit when I was playing roller derby up in PA. Skating around in a circle, for 8 plus hours a week, uses your legs for sure but we found that we needed something to balance it out…that and when you aren’t very big and you have to hit someone you want to be solid 🙂 The gym I joined up there was amazing. The people and the community. They were so welcoming and when I hurt my shoulder they made sure that I could still work out. All the legs!!! Seriously I could lunge for days.    When I moved to Austin. Running took over my life. After I got hurt last summer (there seems to be a pattern) I realized I need to do more than just run. I knew Sam from Redside Crossfit and had seen some posts on Facebook for her new gym in Georgetown so I decided I would try it out. Literally the second I walked into the box I knew I was joining. It was the exact same feel as the one I had in PA. I started off at 2 times a week and the free WOD and I think that lasted 2 weeks and then it was 3 times a week and then unlimited lol.    I have always been competitive and what I like the best about this gym is that while I can still be competitive and push myself I’ve found that the team Tuesdays and the community workouts are more than just that. We work together and push each other. I still have to stop some days and tell myself you really have only been doing this for a little over 4 months. That Rx weight will happen, those pull ups WILL happen. Its awesome to hit a goal and then hit another or miss (cause wall balls will never be a favorite of mine) and know next time you’ll get it.    I would love to compete. In the open or doing a Spartan race or a Team Crossfit or Individual competition all the things!! That and those darn pull ups.    I seriously tell everyone about this gym. I tell them about the Sat WOD, I give them times I will be there, I give them everything about the coaches, I tell them I will partner if they don’t want to go with someone they don’t know, I drive them there lol.    I do get asked, “why do you drive all the way out there when you have a box 5 miles down the road. ” I say cause its not the same. The coaches and the people are what make a box a box and this one feels like home.