Everyone, this is Ret, Her grand-babies call her “Reti”. She is what we like to call one of our “boomerang” CrossFitter. She left for a while, then like always, couldn’t stay away too long. Her personality and infectious energy help boost the moral of everyone around her. She deeply cares for everyone and it shows when she takes the time to talk to you. Read her story below…

     “I have been doing CF for 8 years. The fall of 2011 I won a month of CF in a raffle at a box in Austin. I have been a distance runner most of my life running multiple marathons and other distances . My kids grew up running with me in a baby jogger and I had never heard of CF . I googled the box read their mission statement and thought why not. Little did I know what I was getting into. 
     The coaches were kind and patient. I remember my first box jump. They wanted me to jump on a tire . It was probably no more than 12 inches and I couldn’t do it, so they had me jump on a step. I had a hard time push pressing a 25 pound bar bell or swinging a 16 lb kettle bell but I never gave up because “winners never quit and quitters never win”. 
      I looked for a box closer to home and found the former Georgetown Crossfit on Shell Rd. Once again I was greeted with kindness and patience and the rest is history. 
     I love our coaches and the people I meet and workout with. I can workout during any class time and I always feel a connection to those around me. 
     My goals are to stay healthy and strong and never grow old. My dad is my role model . He ran 4 miles a day up until his unexpected death. When I’m feeling defeated in a workout I think of him and power through. 
     Thank you Sam, Heather and Katie for your kindness and patience.”