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October 5 – Performance Nutrition Challenge
October 19 – DXA Scan
October 19 – OLY Clinic

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Foam Rollers: Quads, Glutes, Inside Quad, Calfs, Thoracic Spine

Lacrosse Balls: Scaps, Delts, Lats, Upper Butt, Shins


With a partner:


100m run ball carry

10 Wt. Ball pass sit ups

20 Wt. Ball russian twist

10 Air squat + ball toss

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Follow the Leader

25minute AMRAP

* Can’t pass the person in front of you

* Only complete rounds by the whole team count

9/6 Cal AB

15 AKBS (53/35)

20 Wt. Sit ups (45/25)

10 DB Thrusters (50/35)

100m Forward Sled pull (155/110)