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October 5 – Performance Nutrition Challenge
October 19 – DXA Scan
October 19 – OLY Clinic

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Foam Roll: Back, Scaps, Lats, Traps, Banded Hip flexor + hamstring stretch (green band), Banded shoulder stretches (green band)


1×20 Banded pull apart (red/blue band)

Barbell Warm-up (Clean) (No Measure)

*All with the Clean grip

10 Good mornings

10 Shrugs

10 Shrugs + High pulls

10 Muscle Clean

10 Front Squat

10 Press


Spend 20 minutes breaking down form and working on mechanics of a FULL SQUAT CLEAN


– 1st pull

– 2nd pull

– Shrug + high elbows

– Quick elbows

– dropping under quickly

– Not shortening the extension

– Catching at the bottom of a squat

– Feet going from DL stance to squat stance

Metcon (Weight)

12min EMOM
Min 1: 3 Squat Cleans (keep weight doable for form working)

Min 2: 6 Box Jumps

Min 3: 1 lap down and back