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October 5 – Performance Nutrition Challenge
October 19 – DXA Scan
October 19 – OLY Clinic

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Foam Roll: Quads, IT Band, Inside Quad, Lower Back, Glutes, Psoas

Activation: 1×10 Banded Hip raises (green band)


2 min AB/Rower



10 Air squats

10 Leg swings front to back

10 Banded Walks side to side (green/black band)

Barbell hip raises

laying on your back – put the barbell across your hips. Lift hips as high as possible, squeezing glutes, keeping shoulders on the ground
3×5 increase weight each round

Hold for 3 seconds at the top

Back Squat

3×8 @ 65% 1 RM

Metcon (Time)

10 Reverse Lunges – barbell on back (135/85)

4 Burpees over the bar