Everyone meet Travis! Travis has been with us for just a short time, but he has made such tremendous strides. He is part of what we call “The Darkside” class (Early risers for the 5AM). He is an awesome asset to our Community, with his contagious energy for 5AM and his willingness to learn. He has made his transition from Cali breezy, fitting right in by making a “Texas” style brisket for our gym gatherings. He makes the transition into being a CFG athlete easy. Read more for his story. 

“My CrossFit journey is in its infant stages. Only been at it 2 months. Though I have always lived a pretty active lifestyle grew up playing sports soccer, baseball, football with a season of basketball and wrestling sprinkled in. Also into board sports wake, snow, and long. After high school sports ended so did my will to train and stay in shape. Now I am trying to undo all the bad choices from then to now that led to my “Dad bod”.

Working out in my garage was getting old and repetitive. Coming up with routines seemed like more work than the workout itself. Being new to the area I figured joining a CrossFit gym sorry box would be a good way to rejuvenate my training mindset, meet new people and learn things about the area. That all turned out to be true. In the short time that I have been here I have seen major improvements to my overall strength/health. I went from barely stringing 3 pull-ups together and looking like I had just grabbed a high voltage power line when I was trying to kip, to doing Fran with no pull-up assist. My full size spare tire is now just a doughnut spare tire. I have met great people in every class time that I have gone to, and have learned that there is no good Mexican food nearby and that if you fly a Texas flag you fly it white stripe up.

I don’t know much about the CrossFit community as a whole or any other Box, but any class time or community WOD that I have gone to I encounter the same thing friendly, encouraging people who are willing to push themselves mentally and physically.  Makes it a lot easier to keep coming back.My goals going forward are pretty simple keep showing up, listen to the coaches, get faster, stronger, and more flexible. 
Also would like to learn and improve Double-Under, Muscle/Ring-up and HSPU. 
I want to Rx “The Murph” by next Memorial Day. 
Outside of CrossFit I would like to learn to surf and start taking Jiu Jitsu classes.”