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Sept 7 – Anniversary Party at Gym @4PM

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Split the gym in half

Lacrosse Ball: Scaps, Traps, Lats, Delts, Lower Back

Foam Roll: Quads, IT Band, Butt, Inside Quad, Thoracic Spine



2 laps down & back

10 push ups

10 air squats

10 sit ups

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Suffer With Friends WOD:

sufferwithfriends was created in October 2018 to show how exercise could be used as a coping mechanism for mental health and to openly and honestly discuss mental health in a way to remove the stigma from this illness.
40 DB squats (switch every 10)

40 burpees (switch every 5)

200m run (run together)

40 DB push press (switch every 5)

30 DB lateral jumps (do 15, then switch)

200m run (run together)

40 DB lunges (switch every 5)

40 DB power cleans (switch every 5)

200m run (run together)

Dumbbell weight: 50/35