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Foam Roll: Scaps, Delts, Traps, Lats, Thoracic Spine, Shoulder stretch (green band)


1×10 M-Y-T’s (orange band)


2 min AB/Rower



10 Pass throughs

10 Barbell Shoulder rolls

10 Barbell PP

Scap Raises

Light DB pressed into the knee. without moving anything but the shoulder lower toward other knee, return to the upright position of 90 degrees.
4×6 on each arm – NOT superset – so a few people can work on scap raises while others do the DB Press – then switch.

Seated DB Press

Both arms work at the same time. Set up bench to be an upright chair. Back should be flat against bench, heels on the ground.

Hold DB horizontal – press from shoulders to overhead in the locked out position.
4×6 Increase weight each round.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12min AMRAP
1x Farmers Carry (down & back) (70/53)

10 KB Russian Twists (53/35)

1x Double KB OH Carry (down & back)(53/35)

10 Double KB Thruster (53/35)