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June 29 – memorial fundraiser WOD 9-11AM

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Foam Roll: Quads, IT Band, Butt, Lower Back, Scaps, PVC pipe shoulder stretches

Activation: 1×10

Wall Dead Bug


Dodge Ball: Play 3 rounds or 10 minutes making clients move(AB, Rower, AS, Pushups, Pull ups)

1. Must do X amount of a movement before grabbing a ball (coach choice)

2. Can’t hit face = 5 burpees

3. Hit someone = they are out

4. If someone catches your ball = you are out

5. To get back in the game = X amount of a movement (coach choice)

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2

For Time:
150 wallballs (20/15)

*EMOM stop and do 3 burpees


6 RFT (DT)

12 Deadlifts (155/105)


6 Push jerks

*Every time you or your partner drop the bar = 1 lap (down and back together)