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April 13 – Oly Clinic
April 20- DXA Scan
May 4 – Primal Challenge Kick off

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Foam Roll: Throacic Spine, Shoulders, Pecs, Lats



Banded Pull Aparts (blue/red band)


3 min row


5 push ups

5 pass throughs pvc pipe

5 plate flys (standing) (2.5/5)

Bench Press

3×3 @ 80% 1RM

Warm up to it by doing 3×3 Increasing weight each round

Super set with max amount of push ups after each round


3sets max reps right after a round of bench.

For push ups: Hands under shoulders, eyes forward, lead with chest, make sure chest and butt are moving at the same rate, chest hits the floor, arms track near sides

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

15 min time cap
Buy in 250m Row

2 rounds

9 Strict PU

6 Burpees

3 Man Makers (35/25) (push up + row + row+ thruster)

Buy out 250m Row