Everyone, meet Sandra! When I say everyone here at CFG is family, I truly mean it; everyone is put in our lives for different reasons and at different times. Luckily for me (and us) Sandra is part of our family. She has had a huge impact on shaping me as a gym owner and as a mother and is truly one of the few women I look up to and whose opinion I value. Sandra is a huge supporter of what CrossFit Georgetown has to offer and has recruited many people because of her trust in the coaches and the direction the gym is going. We are so blessed to have her in our corner supporting us and being our advocate. Sandra has recently been diagnosed with a heart condition, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This condition has recently made her step back and evaluate what exact movements she can, or can’t endure with CrossFit based on the symptoms she’s feeling. However, with every road block she’s been given she never gives up, and keeps driving to find what works for her. She embodies what CrossFit is all about; scaling and modifying to your ability. Continue below to read Sandra’s journey. 

 I have never been athletic, much less enjoyed working out. If you have worked out along side me, you know I hate feeling “balmy” and definitely not sweaty. Oh, and I ALWAYS have to have the garage doors open!!
Crossfit has been a part of my life on and off for the last ten years when I was talked into trying it out in William and Ginger’s garage. While I am not competitive and have never cared how much I can lift, Crossfit has given me the confidence to know that I can engage in everyday life that requires a bit of muscle and strength. 

I have to say my favorite part about Crossfit is the community it creates and the friendships it forms. Whether it’s across the world where my son coached for 6 years to Crossfit Georgetown and the awesome gym Sam has created. I am an early riser for sure, but I am told frequently how nut’s it is that I get up and workout so early. What people don’t understand, is I look forward to seeing and interacting with every single person I have the privilege to work out with and to be coached by caring, supportive, bad ass coaches. The WOD’s are an added bonus. 
Coach Sam has been instrumental in getting me to stick to working out with her famous phrase of “you do you!” which has been huge when always dealing with some kind of joint pain. With even further limitations placed on me due to a heart condition, I can’t say enough for the support Coach Sam, Katie and Heather have shown me and I know I am in good hands as I continue to stay as healthy as possible.