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Foam Roll: Quads (foam roller), IT Band (foam roller), Psoas (lacorsse ball), Calfs & Shins (lacrosse ball)



DB Dead Bug


3x Fundamentals

10 Air Squats (facing wall – chest tall, weight in heels, knees out) objective: get as close as possible to wall without loosing form

10 Banded Walks Front to back (green band)

:30 Airbike

Back Squat

4×6 @ 65% 1RM

Warm up to it by doing 3×4 increasing your weight each time.

Metcon (Weight)

15min EMOM
Min 1: 6 Weighted Box Step Ups (24/20) (35/25)

Min 2: :30 Sprint on AB ( 75-85 RPM/ 60-70 RPM)

Min 3: 6 Burpee Pull ups