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January 12 – Primal Challenge

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20 Cal AB



10 Air Squats

10/10 Banded Walks Front & Back


Foam Roll: Quads (wall stretch), IT Band, Butt (lacross ball), lower back (lacross ball)


1×10/10 DB Dead Bug

Front Squat

3×4 @ 55% 1RM (51X1)

5 count going down (super slow) focus on core, weight in heels, pushing knees out, and keeping chest tall

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)


3:00min of work 2:00min rest

Start over each round – goal is to accomplish same reps each round and keep a steady pace
6 Weighted Step ups (35/25) (24/20 box)

4(R) Single Arm OH lunges (35/25)

4(L) Single Arm OH lunges(35/25)

6 T2B