Everyone meet Amanda! For those of you who haven’t  had the pleasure of meeting her yet, she attends the 6AM class and is a silent spit fire! She is a super mom to 6 kiddos, and still carves out time for herself and her health. She is also our secret professional photography weapon! You may have seen her at our events she’s usually the one behind the camera capturing all the Kodak moments. Read below to hear about her amazing mental and physical journey in to CrossFit. 

I remember walking into the Crossfit box for the first time – wondering what on earth I was doing… Aren’t I too (fill in the blank: shy, weak, nervous – I mean PETRIFIED) for this?  From a distance it seemed way too intense and beyond my abilities. 

   I’ve been a runner for 20+years, but discovered in the last several years that running alone isn’t enough to stay fit.  My attempts to add strength training (and eat better) constantly fell short; I would burn out and didn’t have the time or accountability to continue any good habits.  And I desperately wanted to be consistently healthy, both for my own health and longevity as well as to set a good example for my growing children.  It was incredibly discouraging to not know how to “get the ball rolling” and keep it rolling. So I prayed and wondered what I could do. 

   Enter Crossfit.  With my sweet husband’s and kids’ support, I nervously set my alarm and began attending on a dark July morning this past Summer.  What a huge relief to find the coaches to be extremely patient and knowledgeable. I actually feel like they’re not just there for a paycheck; they want to see us all do our best and reach our potential.  And our class is full of really funny, friendly people who readily welcomed me.  Many of them can lift a gazillion more pounds than I, but they still make me feel like I’m one of the crew.  It’s a cool comradery, and so much better and more fun than aimlessly wandering around a regular gym or doing the same home workout over and over.  So I finally found a way to get the “fitness ball rolling.”  Turns out it was a Crossfit med ball, and instead of rolling it I’m doing wall balls with it. 😉   My goals? Just to keep going and do my best. Maybe do a real pull-up.  Build a strong core (much needed after having all my babies) and get through an ab session without dropping.  I’m slowly getting there. And I’m just so grateful for this answered prayer.