Ok folks, here are the rules of the game….


1 point for real food. This is basically a “Paleo” diet so real food means it was once alive and did not come in a bag or a box. If it has a long shelf life and is man-made it is not real food.

For purposes of this challenge there are 3 food categories:

Protein: Meat, poultry, fish, eggs – the leaner the better and, if possible, select grass-fed (beef), pasture raised (chicken, eggs), wild caught (fish). Eat the whole egg!

Carbs: Yes, I know veggies are carbs but this is talking about sweet & starchy carbs: sweet potatoes, squash, fruit.

Veggies: All veggies are good.

Fat: Avocado, nuts & seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, heavy cream

No grains, dairy (other than those on the fat list), sugar or sweeteners, vegetable or canola oils.

1 point for not too much.

This tray will be your guide (pick up your actual tray at the gym). Each meal will consist of the portions of this tray: one small compartment is a serving of Protein, one small compartment is a serving of Carbs and the big one for Veggies.

You cannot have more than one serving of P and C or less than one serving of Vs. Add your fat to the food once in the tray.

How many trays?

3 trays (meals)/day if you weigh less than 165lb.

4 trays (meals)/day if you weigh more than 165lb.

You don’t have to eat out of the tray, just use it as a measuring device. If you are eating out use the “fist” method. One fist size serving of P, one fist size serving of C and as much Vs as you can handle.

1 point for sleeping 7+ hours per day. Not much more to add other than most of us underestimate the value of sleep (good luck dark side peeps).

1 point for meditating at least 5 minutes a day. This is hardest easy point of the challenge. All you have to do is sit in quiet for at least 5 minutes. The goal is to empty your mind of the constant chatter and just “be.” Google is your friend when it comes to learning how to meditate or come in and pick our brains for some tips.

Here is one more bonus point. Drink enough water. You pick your goal amount and try to hit it each day.

I know you will have questions and I will take a guess at a few:

What can I drink? Water, un-sweet tea, coffee (a little heavy cream or coconut milk is ok), un-sweet sparkling water (like Topo Chico).

What about supplements (protein, pre-workout, etc)? Not allowed unless you have a very low body fat % already (15%/22%).

What about (fill in the blank) food? If it is a meat eat it. If it is a veggie eat it. Don’t over think it.

Remember, the point of this challenge is to re-set our bodies and not necessarily how you will eat the rest of your life. But you may find that you feel a lot better at the end of this when you eliminate sugar, grains and dairy.

Good luck and please feel free to ask any questions!